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In the age of the internet, you are in an easy position to buy a product. After a few hours of searching, you can find better deals for a branded watch, for example, on the other side of the globe, as the net is about, and globalization is heading in that direction.replica watches uk But human nature sometimes acts strangely, even deceiving itself, only to achieve its coveted purpose.

There are many types of watchmaker. Some people go to a specialty store, try for hours, talk to the sellers, come back several times, and then happily take the selected one home. Some people are pretty much up to date with the types, models, looking for a reliable and verifiable webshop at home, order the watch, get it and use it happily. And some who take advantage of the opportunities of the twenty-first century, choose a model, and then hide the net until they find the cheapest offer, wherever in the world they are. He orders it, and it is received with relative safety nowadays, and he is happy to use it. Or not. It's a delicate topic that no one likes to talk about. The buyer does not want to hear that he has a good chance of throwing his peace of mind for a few thousand, nor the manufacturer, because it cannot happen that an official dealer sells defective products. Still, it is important to talk about it, as many are unaware of the perilous way of ordering a foreign online watch.

Official sale, gray and black market - where's the border? The internet is unlimited and can handle anything. Anyone can launch a webshop on it, or even just upload a few photos to the biggest marketplaces and go the store. The formula is simple so far, but there is another component: the buyer. A customer who often looks for the one that works best for them in good faith, and often will be the cheapest option, or at least it seems. But is it a good idea to send the amount of our weekly salary to the end of the world and trust that what we get will really be what we see in the pictures? It's up to everyone to decide. What is certain, however, is that it is very difficult to find out who the official dealer, or even the average buyer, is. The clock from the Far East has arrived, what's wrong? If ordered from a trusted and authorized dealer, nothing is less risky than buying a home. Of course, a several-week delivery can wear a mechanical structure, but chances are good. If there was no way to order watches from far away countries, we would never have seen the first Seiko Cocktail Time, just released for the Japanese market. The problem starts when we get to the gray area, which is typical of Malaysia and Singapore. The origin of the products ordered here is obscure, and the sources of the resellers not listed on the factory websites are unknown.replica watches uk Of course, this may be an official source, but problems with hours arriving from here appear to be significantly higher in official service, such as those sold in Hungary, guaranteed for genuine and flawless parts.

No problem, I have a warranty card, that's enough. Obsession…? The guarantee is subject to a stamped, signed invoice and warranty card. This should not be a problem for domestic purchases, the law regulates the process and the merchants adhere to it. However, for items coming from Far Eastern webshops, there will be a maximum of one warranty card in the package, so many will find it only at the repair shop that this will be a paid repair. Different countries, different rules. The pricing of a product has to take into account local regulations in each country, which means that while it is cheaper to buy a product from the other end of the world (other public charges, other costs in Hungary, all of which raise the purchase price) , the domestic no. When we click on the basket button, we actually start a smaller gamble where the low price will be our profit if we don't have a problem with the clock. But if the price advantage melts right away, the torture begins: we can try to send it back to the rest of the world, mail, wait, mail with the seller, repair, mail, wait, another customs procedure… Sounds good? But it won't be a problem anyway. Everyone wants to believe this, and many don't, but the rest of us who have had it will definitely think next time if this is all there is to it. Below we show you why, based on our experience (and abundant sample), we do not recommend risk taking.

Typical malfunctions - as seen by service We have gathered with the service personnel how often and what problems are encountered in the hours coming from Far Eastern webshops. One problem with the occurrence of errors is that several of these watches arrive at home repairs of several well-known brands with very similar problems daily,fake rolex which raises many more questions about the true history of these newly purchased watches.